Overgrown, 2016
: Found-Wood working project Exhibition
curated by o-d-a : 12th Jan – 20th Mar, 2016 at Lobby, TCDC ; Bangkok, Thailand.

To create a design piece for the Found Wood Working Project, I intended to compose a new story on textile. Started by boiling the different types of tree bark that found during the project’s field trip to extract a variation of brown colours, and then dyed a selection of natural fibres.

The bark which have been chosen for the “Overgrown” piece came from the black varnish tree whose latex is used in lacquering and gilding. It gave the colour of reddish brown with good colour fastness. Using alum as a mordant to obtain the nearest shade to the extracted dye liquid.

The textile pattern was created by pouring the black varnish tree’s brown dye liquid on a thick linen fabric. Let the dye seep to create a natural print that tells its own fascinating story. The textile derived from this process can be used in interior decoration in many ways such as pillow case, table cloth and curtain.