Nothing ever stays the same – It passed unnoticed, 2013

Everything around us is changing. It is being transformed in unpredictable and unanticipated ways; nothing remains permanent. It is hard to see how the process goes. The transformation emerges little by little, slowly and silently.

I have been interested in residual and unseen pathways in nature. Those details that we would not notice influence the environment. I think of all things as they are coming into being or dissolving into nothingness. This flux of the moment includes the experience of loss and transformation as objects are changing from one to another stage of being.I attempt to show the physical aspect how things used to be and how they look like now and then to understand that nothing will always stay the same and we just to accept it and move on. I aim to bring another dimension to objects I create in order to display and discuss about the instability to widen the awareness of the environment.

‘Nothing ever stays the same – It passed unnoticed’ contains 2 groups of objects;
Holding back or Letting go? and Turning into?.

-Turning into
Technique: Hand-dyed / Cyanotype
Material: Silk
Size: 50cm x 150cm x 135cm